Step 8. Black spaces and you

Contribute to creating and maintaining safer spaces for black people. Consider how who you invite into spaces you share with black people can be both offensive and destructive and consider your own complicity in these violences. Take responsibility for who you invite, and how you behave.

Sometimes the best way to contribute to safe spaces is to not be there at all. Accept that your body is triggering in spaces where black people are gathering to share and attempt to heal their pain. Understand that this is not about you, the individual, but the way in which your body has been used to inflict centuries of trauma. Respect black spaces. Consider how you inhabit them with your presence, when you speak, and when you need to leave. Do not cause a scene. Do not take up space. Consider your visibility. Doing your work in your own communities will always be more valuable in the long run because this is the type of work we need to be doing, changing minds, attitudes and behaviours in spaces where we have privilege and influence.

Exercise: Check yourself and do not make it about you. Leave when you must and especially when you are asked to, quietly. Take instruction, and follow through.