Step 7. Fuck Capitalism

Race was invented as a function of capitalism to justify colonial conquest, slavery, and mass genocide of indigenous peoples and to create a class of forced free labour. Race was also created to divide the working class to prevent them from working together to challenge bad labour practices and challenging the wealthy classes and to ensure a constant conflict between people who essentially have way more in common with each other, and face similiar struggles than someone who may look like each other but live vastly different lives. Capitalism values certain bodies over othered bodies, around immutable physical characteristics, in order to extend control over all bodies.

Google Race and Capitalism to read more.


Understand what is asked of you as a white body, as an extension of a violent system, and consider how complicit you are in this. Consider how much class comfort asks of you to continue exploitative practices. Work to defeat Capitalism and explore ways of increasing equitable economic equality. Commit class suicide.