Step 10. Dismantle the cistem.

Before we are raced, before we are classed, we are gendered. Gender is not sex. Gender is the first separation and it affects everything that is attributed and asked of us. Gender is identity.

“Cis” – A cisgender person is someone whose gender identity aligns with their biological sex. Someone who is not transgender and is therefore automatically given a set of rights, and privileges. Someone who has never had to consider their gender identity and their position within the cis-tem.

For too long, and because of western values, gender has been considered a binary, of masculine and feminine, male, and female. This is not and has never been a stable category. People exist on a spectrum and beyond. Nothing is just black and white, only the benefits that are afforded to those that assimilate to the cis-tem.

Celebrate difference and diversity. Be critical of everything you were ever told by anyone in authority. Question everything, especially the underlying power relations that are used to divide. Transgress all boundaries. Be fluid. Queer everything.

Live Queer as in Fuck You.